10 Records That Sound Incredible At The Wrong Speed

We recently posted up the Vinyl Factory‘s excellent round up of ‘10 Records That Sound Incredible At The Wrong Speed‘ over on our Facebook page, and now they have created a part two.

As we’re all about slowing it down we find this list incredible. So here are a few of our choice picks…

Boards of Canada
‘Alpha and Omega’

More experimental and certainly darker than its predecessor, Boards of Canada’s second album Geogaddi balanced short vignettes with longer trips to insanity, like ‘Alpha And Omega’. Dropped to 33, time unfolds and stretches itself, creating over 9 minutes of mind melting drug chug.

Severed Heads
‘Dead Eyes Opened’

We end where we began: with a new beat classic. Unforgivingly synthetic, unapologetically weird with its freakish industrial interference and bizarre spoken word, ‘Dead Eyes Opened’ melts neurones and that’s before any Beppe Loda-style fiddling.

Factory Floor & Peter Gordon

Everyone’s favourite industrial disco outfit hooked up with first wave avant garder Peter Gordon for two cuts of tessellating hypnosis on Optimo Music back in 2013. While A-side cut ‘Beachcombing’ got all the hype, I was smitten with the endless sunset of this bona fide Balearic B-side. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was actually designed for 45 and sounded like a Samsung ringtone.

Theres so much scope for the Slugrave sound!

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