You are now entering the Slug rave

When inspiration hits, it hits hard. Richie Rundle had been asking around some friends to try and pin down a name for the style of music that he plays as a DJ – all to no avail, until he called up his old mate Ben Ervine who answered with one word… “SLUGRAVE!”

Within a week, the two had built a website with attendant Facebook, Soundcloud and mixcloud pages, and each recorded a 45 minute “side” of a “mixtape” each. Friends began to listen and offer contributions, and at a rather un-sluglike pace, the thing began to snowball.

Only a few months in, it had reached the point where the boys were being booked for several UK festivals including Tom Middleton‘s Sound of the Cosmos at The Big Chill, and the Beat Hotel at Glastonbury.

Studio action followed, with the duo drafting in Ben’s regular DJ/production partner Lex and later, Deadly Avenger, in creating edits and remixes of some major names (watch this space…)

To keep things special each mix is only available for a limited time (100 downloads each) once they’re gone thats it, but you will always be able to stream them from mixcloud so if you miss the download you won’t miss the mix.


A interview for Generation Bass with Joe Muggs

Innovation is great – and it’s good to stay in touch with the latest thing. After all, it’s a good part of what I do for a living, and it’s what blogs like Generation Bass do as well. But sometimes among all the hustle and hassle you really need to stop and smell the roses. I’m old enough and ugly enough to have seen the hype cycle many, many times, and I’m all too aware that the pursuit of the new or obscure can be as much about power games – about “I got this first; I have this and you don’t” – as it is about the thrill of discovery.

The ethos of Slugrave is about stopping, sitting back, letting go of the earnest need to be on top of things, and just getting your groove on. It’s about taking it easy. It’s also generally about not letting the tempo go over 115bpm, but that’s arbitrary really – far more importantly it’s about stopping yourself hurtling forward at the expense of all else. It’s about lazily leafing through your vinyl shelves / CD booklets / file folders and digging out things that you slept on, about casually thinking “ahhh I’d forgotten that one” or “oh this will go with that”. No grand concept, no over-arching aesthetic – you’ll hear echoes of the Balearic ethos, of cosmic disco, of the deeper side of Moombahton, of indie-dance, of all flavours of bass music, of 90s electronica, of neo-soul and nu-jazz – just vibes.

It’s not chillout though. The various parts of the loose Slugrave DJ team have played around the place a fair bit now since the site started, and it’s always with an emphasis on dancing. The Big Chill 2011 was a revelation for us; playing Slugrave sounds from 1am-5am each night in our Sound Of The Cosmos tent, we turned it not into a chillout tent but a party, with the energy levels steady all night, people always ready to dance. Even though the festival itself was relatively sparsely attended, the tent was packed each night with happy sluggers, all into the fact that they never knew what they would hear next but that they knew the feeling would be consistent throughout.

Anyway, yep, this mix is about all that. If you have the patience for a super-cosmic five minute intro, then you have the patience to feel the slug vibes. This has brand new tracks and 22-year-old tracks, underground and really well known, familiar samples and proper weirdness. But it’s not a summation of Slugrave. No way. For that you need to take some serrrrrious time out and sample the entire mix series. Only then will you have absorbed sluggism at its fullest. All together now: slow and low… that is the tempo…