Slugrave Mixtape #012

Summer, or what we had of it, is ending. Dimensions Festival is just around the corner and the Slugs are returning to the mixtape series… First up Joe Muggs takes the lead and drops this Slugrave Mixtape as well as a interview for Generation Bass

The ethos of Slugrave is about stopping, sitting back, letting go of the earnest need to be on top of things, and just getting your groove on. It’s about taking it easy. It’s also generally about not letting the tempo go over 115bpm, but that’s arbitrary really – far more importantly it’s about stopping yourself hurtling forward at the expense of all else. It’s about lazily leafing through your vinyl shelves / CD booklets / file folders and digging out things that you slept on, about casually thinking “ahhh I’d forgotten that one” or “oh this will go with that”. No grand concept, no over-arching aesthetic – you’ll hear echoes of the Balearic ethos, of cosmic disco, of the deeper side of Moombahton, of indie-dance, of all flavours of bass music, of 90s electronica, of neo-soul and nu-jazz – just vibes.

Check out the full interview over on Generation Bass


  1. Cristian Vogel ‘Spectral Transmissions (Specially Slugged)’
  2. Sun Ra ‘I Seek A New World’
  3. The 13th Tribe ‘Babylon Shall Fall’
  4. Sonido Berzerk ‘Love Affair (feat. Billie Holliday)’
  5. Daphni ‘Ahora (Well Slugged)’
  6. THEESatisfaction ‘QueenS’
  7. Blondes ‘Gold’
  8. Huerco S. ‘No Jack’
  9. Depeche Mode ‘Policy of Truth (Trancentral Mix)’
  10. Stumbleine ‘Cassette’
  11. Distal ‘She Wears Pearls’
  12. The 13th Tribe ‘Take the Mic (feat. Sara Rimes & Ben Lu)’
  13. Kabdriver ‘The Mule’
  14. Bucketheads ‘Just Plain Funky’
  15. Bondax ‘Baby I Got That’
  16. Anon ‘Jungle Rag’
  17. Sufjan Stevens ‘The Dress Looks Nice on You (Nate Compton Remix)’