Slugrave Mixtape #014

Joe Muggs takes over the Slugrave Mixtape this month and he goes in slooooooooooow on this mix. It’s the only way it could be.

Started with onset-of-winter blues deep in his sleep deprived heart, Joe took Steve Moore’s deep frozen deep space Italo disco, and the rusty, desolate techno of Mick Finesse as his starting point and let the moody groove take him where it would.

The slug is a good natured beast, though, and before he knew it it had taken him into far more bumptious territories so, after some psychedelic twists and tweaks, the second half of the mix has frankly got the funk in its undercarriage.

We hope you enjoy it.


  1. Intro ‘Pinch on Tempo’
  2. Steve Moore ‘Panther Moderns’
  3. Mick Finesse ‘Concept Trauma’
  4. Stubborn Heart ‘Blow’
  5. French Fries ‘Champagne (Oktored Remix)’
  6. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas ‘Vrang Og Vanskelig’
  7. Thology ‘Late Lurk’
  8. Herbert ‘Foreign Bodies (Dave Aju Remix)’
  9. Lrusse & Bleecker ‘Stairwell’
  10. Chungking ‘Voodoo (Ellis Burnel Remix)’
  11. Erdbeerschnitzel ‘Through the Night’
  12. Boyfriend & Big Makk ‘6AM’
  13. To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto ‘Nena’
  14. The Orb ‘Soulman (Instrumental)’
  15. Zee&Eli ‘Reflections’
  16. Cocteau Twins ‘Iceblink Luck’