Slugrave Mixtape #015

Ahh, the ‘difficult’ 15th mixtape… As Joe has been saying recently the whole thing about Slugrave is not just about slowing it all down, it’s about leafing through our collections and finding things that we had forgotten about..

Like most of the country, Richie had flu and spent days either in bed or sofa bound. His music room was almost a no go zone due to the fact that to listen to music in there he’d need to stand or sit up, and he just wanted to be horizontal. So Richie planned this mix in his head from start to finish and to celebrate being well again he has made it for you slugs.

Of course it’s the usual mish-mash of slug, chug and dub with plenty of epic moments thrown in.


  1. The Field ‘Is The Power’
  2. Le Carousel ‘Stick Together (Phil Kieran Remix)’
  3. Wooden Shjips ‘Crossing (Andrew Weatherall Remix)’
  4. Canblaster ‘Clockwork (Slugrave Edit)’
  5. Silicone Soul ‘One Thing (Original Mix)’
  6. Radikal Magik ‘Spread the Hot Potato (Original Mix)’
  7. Demdike Stare ‘Haxan Dub’
  8. Reload ‘The Biosphere (Global Communication Mix)’
  9. Soft Rocks ‘Slow Down’