Slugrave Mixtape #016

A Christmas treat for our loyal followers and fan, old and new. All three sluggers on one mix! Its our Slugrave Christmas present to you all.

Richie Slugrave

  1. Mr Scruff vs Kirsty Almeida ‘Pickled Spider’
  2. Drumatrixx ‘Eclectic Desire (Warehouse Party Mix)’
  3. Danny Breaks ‘The Jellyfish’
  4. The Asphodells ‘Never There’
  5. Idjut Boy ‘One for Kenny’

Joe Slugrave

  1. BJ Smith ‘Umi Says’
  2. Lusine ‘Get The Message’
  3. The Asphodells ‘Late Flowering Dub’
  4. Behling and Simpson ‘Vitamin A’
  5. The 13th Tribe ft Luv Angel ‘Abacus’

Benny Slugrave

  1. Pinch ‘Cave Dream’
  2. Daphni ‘Springs’
  3. Dusky ‘Calling Me’
  4. Breakage ‘Express’
  5. Helios ‘The Obesiant Vine (Hammock Remix)’